Stylish & Sustainable, Handmade by Kristina

I believe strongly that everything we own should either bring great joy or be intrinsically useful. And if it can be both of those things while ALSO being sourced from sustainable materials, well, all the better! Sewing is truly a passion for me. I love using my hands to produce something beautiful and practical. As a child, my mother used to call me, “Happy Fingers,” because I was always creating. 

The name for my shop came from my father. Bozie is the nickname he gave me when I was born. When asked what it means, I can’t begin to say; in fact neither could my father. It is simply a term of endearment that has stood the test of time. My father fell ill when I started my business. I could think of no better way to honor his memory and the love he had for me than to name my shop Bozie’s Bags. 

Bozie’s bags and accessories are both stylish & sustainable! Currently my collection of handcrafted bags are made from ethically sourced and environmentally friendly cork fabric. Cork fabric is a fantastic alternative to leather. It is lightweight, vegan, washable, sustainable, and scratch resistant. Cork fabric also makes terrific dog collars and leashes. I use only the highest quality fabric, hardware and materials to make all my products. 

l live in Silver Spring, MD with my husband, three teenage kids, a goldendoodle and two cats. I spend my time sewing for my company, going to craft shows, and taking care of my family. Weekends at our house are typically full of a flurry of activities for the kids such as track meets, skating events, theater performances or art shows. I feel very blessed to be able to spend time watching my kids grow and discover what inspires them while I pursue my own creative adventure designing and sewing beautiful & practical things for others. I hope you enjoy checking out my shop. Let me know if there is a favorite color of cork fabric I can use to make your next Bozie's bag.

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